We’re looking at 2019 event food trends.

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The other day I noticed a social media update, where the poster stated she did not want to attend another event with baked chicken and dry roast beef. She didn’t end there, she gave examples of what she’d like to eat, and the light bulb of inspiration popped on in my head. Immediately, I knew I had to write a post about 2019 food trends. I study them for a living, but it’s great to share with you to offer an idea or two about how to cater your next home or venue event (wedding, anniversary party, etc.).

Protein Variety

Depending on seasonal food offerings and availability as well as budget, consider offering poultry (duck, turkey, pheasant, hen) alternatives to chicken. Find a red meat alternative to beef such as pork tenderloin and standing rib roast. Consider a fresh fish with a risotto instead of rice pilaf and organic, locally-sourced vegetables. Offer a vegetarian option (vegan to be safe) for guests who are not meat-eaters, and many people are preferring to consume non-meat proteins such as lentils, some seeds, quinoa, and chickpeas.

Meaningful Menus

My social media friend has a Gullah-Geechee heritage she preserves as a home cook and hostess. Lowcountry cuisine is meaningful to her. What is your heritage? In 2019 and beyond, expect to see more and more people working with caterers and chefs to create menus that hold personal meaning to them, whether for reasons of heritage or even social and political reasons. Work with your event planner to eat and serve what matters.

‘Dry’ Drink Bars

Everyone does not drink alcohol and some people should not drink alcohol. Dry bars are growing as complements to bars serving alcohol at one event. Non-drinkers run the gamut too, dry bars offer more than ‘mocktails,’ soda pop and sugary punches.

‘Sober’ Stations

Reid Rodell has actually created ‘sober’ stations, which are becoming more popular at home and corporate events, where drinking responsibly is important. Sober stations are generally near the exit, where an attendee serves hot coffees, teas, and chocolate with cookies and pastries (buttery biscuits) to soak up alcohol. The attendee is also the person designated to flag and thwart drunk guests who should not be driving impaired. We are big fans of loading credits on our Uber and Lyft apps to send people home safely.

These are four trends we love and currently practice. Hopefully, you will be inspired to implement some of these ideas for your next home or venue event.