Tips to finding great restaurants while traveling.

by | Feb 15, 2019 | blog, Featured, Footer Slider, Travel | 0 comments

Traveling is inspirational. Recall that we posted about using food inspiration for events that are found from travel. How do you find the food while you’re traveling? Well, we have a few tips for you.

Use apps.

There is an app for almost anything, including food. Fodor’s Travel has apps for tablets and phones. Frommer’s has an app as does Condé Nast Traveler. There are many apps in your phone’s store to choose from, for example, if you’re traveling domestically try eatOkra the app to locate African, Caribbean and African American restaurants and eateries.

Use your credit card company’s concierge service.

Most won’t get it 100% right, but they save a lot of time. Contact your travel concierge service and ask for recommendations or a list. Before you leave, go online to find reviews and to map out the address from your hotel or accommodations.

Use social media. 

Facebook search is great and the search so sensitive you can type in “Paris and restaurants” to find anything from personal posts, pages, and articles that can prove helpful. Do the same on Twitter and LinkedIn. LinkedIn is an exceptionally good source for business travelers. The other thing you can do is simply write a post asking for recommendations.

Use Wikipedia.

Wikipedia has a ton of entries, but there are many food entries based on country and region. Going to Jamaica? Well, Wikipedia has an entry for Jamaican cuisine. You can read about foods and dishes indigenous to the region you’re visiting.

Use local recommendations. 

From street foods to expensive cuisine, someone will always have an answer about where you should eat. Local people are a wealth of information and resources.

If you can, avoid chain restaurants found in the U.S. Remain open to new cuisines and foods. It’s a part of enjoying your travel experience.