5 foods from 5 countries you should serve at your next event.

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Living in the nation’s capital can be a travel experience without the actual travel. There are scores of restaurants and eating opportunities that can introduce visitors (and residents) to authentic cuisines from a variety of cultures. As event planners, our clients tend to represent people from different countries, whether we meet them locally or travel to install their events. The one thing that stands out: the food. Here is a list of 10 foods from 10 countries you should consider serving at your next event at home or in a venue.

5. Pho is a Vietnamese street food that has become popular in the United States over the years. It is a hearty soup-like dish that can be eaten as an entree or as an appetizer (smaller serving size) with quẩy (fried bread). It can be prepared as a vegan/vegetarian option without meat or dairy. It’s flexible and the broth is absolutely nutritious and delicious.

4. Lumpiang are Filipino spring rolls. They are a wonderful alternative to egg rolls and are thinner with huge flavor bursts. They are a great addition to your appetizer menu with cocktails.

3. Trinidadian Chow is half-ripe mango or pineapple or plum cut into bite-size chunks and seasoned with salt, black pepper, lime juice and chopped hot peppers, cilantro and garlic. It can be served on toasted breads or crackers. It can be eaten from a coupe. Chow is refreshing with a mix of savory and sweet.

2.  Ikura or salmon roe caviar is an affordable alternative to Beluga, and it is just as tasty for caviar lovers. It can also be domestic from Alaska. An interesting way to serve it is inside of a baked potato with a dollop of sour cream.

1. Tarte Tatin is caramelized fruit baked in a buttery crust. It is a dessert staple served after dinner or with tea and coffee. It is very rich but it is also a great alternative to pie and cake.

Obviously, there are more than five but these are a good start for people looking for something different. Bon appetit.