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A little message about travel fatigue.

I will always be a traveler. Exploring undiscovered territories is a part of who I am. Now, being a professional traveler for work-related activities is a privilege to me, because I enjoy my work. There are moments when the two worlds collide and I am tired. Fatigued.


5 foods from 5 countries you should serve at your next event.

Living in the nation’s capital can be a travel experience without the actual travel. There are scores of restaurants and eating opportunities that can introduce visitors (and residents) to authentic cuisines from a variety of cultures.


Tips to finding great restaurants while traveling.

Traveling is inspirational. Recall that we posted about using food inspiration for events that are found from travel. How do you find the food while you’re traveling? Well, we have a few tips for you.


We’re looking at 2019 event food trends.

The other day I noticed a social media update, where the poster stated she did not want to attend another event with baked chicken and dry roast beef. She didn’t end there, she gave examples of what she’d like to eat, and the light bulb of inspiration popped on in my head.


Finding food inspiration while traveling.

Often as an event planner a client feels compelled to take a safe route when choosing food for their event’s menu. Referring to travel experiences, I make alternative suggestions that can complement their theme and suit their budget. I also ask them a few questions:

  1. Where is one of your favorite destination?
  2. What did you eat?
  3. What did you like?
  4. Did you want to share it with people back home?
  5. Would you be open to serving it to your guests?

It is delightful to find a catering vendor with diverse menu of foods to serve diverse guests. It is even more delightful when the caterer can recreate a client’s favorite delicacy as well as provide a few safe options for the guest who is least inclined to try something new.

Albondigas (Spanish tapas meatballs) can replace Swedish meatballs, empanadas, bruschetta (with meat or cheese or tomatoes) on toasted Italian bread or a crostini covered in pesto or fruit, and hummus make great appetizers.

Entrees can include the safe meat, poultry and fish fare with a roasted jerk chicken or curried chicken served with compatible rice dishes like jollof or saffron rice. Maybe try paella that can be served family style.

These are a few examples but the point is that you can draw from your travel to create a memorable event featuring fabulous food. So on your next trip overseas or to some exotic locale, take notes, and share your findings with your event-planner.


A list of destination wedding considerations.

Reid Rodell designs and plans destination events regularly. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular for a number of reasons and for a variety of people. For example, encore brides and grooms (people who have been married before) tend to choose weddings in other countries, particularly where there is water. The romance of sunsets, beaches, and warmer climates is appealing, and the couple will use the destination for their honeymoon as well. Planning will depend largely on the type of event you are hosting. Weddings tend to be the most detailed.

The following list of considerations is one we use with our destination clients.


The benefits of staying faithful to airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.

If you are a frequent traveler, then you already know the benefits of remaining faithful to airline, hotel, car rental and gasoline brands. Those loyalty points and experience rewards add up, and ultimately they add up to some great bonuses. Most people do not pay attention to any rewards they could possibly receive for their loyalty. Here are several to consider: 


7 simple last-minute touches for a great new year’s eve party.

We have three days until New Year’s Eve. No worries, said no one ever. Perhaps, we can make this better by offering 7 simple, last-minute touches to guarantee a fabulous and memorable home event.


A few curated posts to help you with holiday hosting.

Put your feet up, hide away in a room with a closed door, breathe, and read these curated posts with tips and advice to help you through the holidays. Hosting can be stressful as well as fulfilling. My hope is that you embrace the fulfilling and joyful side of holiday hosting and kiss stress goodbye. Pour a cup of tea and read. You’ve got this! 


Last minute prep tips for holiday hosting.

The countdown begins. Eleven days to Christmas and 17 days to New Year’s Eve. The countdown can bring pressure, especially if you are entertaining at home. Perhaps some of these tips can help you move your planning and execution right along.



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