The benefits of staying faithful to airlines, hotels, and car rental companies.

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If you are a frequent traveler, then you already know the benefits of remaining faithful to airline, hotel, car rental and gasoline brands. Those loyalty points and experience rewards add up, and ultimately they add up to some great bonuses. Most people do not pay attention to any rewards they could possibly receive for their loyalty. Here are several to consider: 

  1. Wedding season is approaching and loyalty programs are great for saving money on airfare, car rentals, and hotels for destination weddings and honeymoons.
  2. Loyalty programs are great for the occasional upgrades in room reservations, vehicles and airline seating.
  3. Every now and then you can find a reduced rate (even free) on a travel need such as car rental and hotels using your airline loyalty rewards.
  4. Who wouldn’t want to check-in luggage without paying additional fees? There are airline loyalty reward programs that can help you with that very thing.
  5. Once you’re at an elite status with your loyalty program, especially airline programs, you can possibly qualify for VIP lounge status, priority security check-in, and discounts on items purchased on affiliated credit cards.
  6. Occasional redemption options that include free flights on partner airlines. (Look at Delta’s reward programs.) Maybe you can even book a cruise with some program rewards.
  7. Check your programs to see how and where you can eat at a discount or free.
  8. Concierge services. If you ever want advance information on a destination, loyalty to a company makes you valued and someone who could easily take advantage of free concierge services that can locate whatever you need with expert opinions on anything local to your destination.

These are eight (8) basic benefits. There are probably many more depending on the airline, hotel chain or rental companies you frequent most. The personal touch also comes with loyalty. A great company values the people who value them.