7 simple last-minute touches for a great new year’s eve party.

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We have three days until New Year’s Eve. No worries, said no one ever. Perhaps, we can make this better by offering 7 simple, last-minute touches to guarantee a fabulous and memorable home event.

  1. Set up a mini photo studio. Pick your accent wall – any wall with some color or texture or decor – and place a floor lamp nearby for extra lighting along with a table filled with party favors, including hats. Pick up a party pic kit from a local store like Michael’s. This is where guests can take selfies or group photos for your home event to share on social media. They can also send them to you later via e-mail or text messaging.
  2. Video record your New Year’s toast. There are two ways to do it. Have someone use their smartphone to record the toast for sharing with guests later to say thank you for coming and to post on social media. Or go to an isolated area of your home, record the toast and share privately.
  3. Load up on nuts and snacks. Both are good for staving off hangovers later and helping guests drink without becoming sick. Energy bars are great and so are hard candies. Get some fancy flavored popcorn too.
  4. Load up on a variety of non-alcoholic beverages for non-drinkers and people practicing sobriety. The designated driver should have fun too.
  5. Create a resolution jar. Write a bunch of ridiculous resolutions on colored paper and put them in a basket for guests. Imagine the laughter after reading “I resolve to stop feeding pigeons in 2019.”
  6. Find clear glass jars or large glasses at the dollar store or even a thrift store to fill with party blowers and confetti.
  7. Make guest bathrooms festive and functional. Add a few festive touches in your guest bathrooms that include decorative hand towels and flowers. Make it functional by including scented sprays like Poo-Pourri.  You can keep breath mints available too. The mini-tins of Altoids are a perfect gift to give.

One last thing: Make it extremely difficult for guests to drive inebriated. Collect keys, keep those Uber and Lyft apps updated and even put extra cash on each just in case. Also, you can create an outdoor space that is private and airy, in the event someone needs the air to sober up. We want people to live to talk about the great time they had.

Happy New Year to you and yours.