Back to life: Recuperating after travel #traveltuesday

by | Sep 4, 2018 | blog, Featured | 0 comments

I’ve just returned from Brazil and an activity-filled excursion. Recall that I am an event planner and my non-vacation life is about to become hectic with events and meetings to the end of the year. How in the world will I recuperate? Well, I have a few tips:

  1. Regard your return home like a coveted spa retreat. Take the languishing bath and shower, drink plenty of hydrating fluids like vegetable and fruit-infused water, and rest.
  2. Move slowly and mindfully. Give yourself the privilege of completing tasks that have piled up in batches so that you can complete them without stress.
  3. Stretch. Take a Pilates or yoga class. Go for a leisurely walk. Stretch out those muscles.
  4. Eat well and eat lightly. Don’t eat anything too heavy that can cause fatigue. Eat whole foods.
  5. Give yourself time to reconnect with your real life. Reconnect in small doses and little-by-little, but always reconnect with what matters most – family and good friends.

Be gentle with yourself.