Legacy Clients Part 2: The bridal shower gift that keeps on giving.

by | Aug 16, 2018 | blog, Featured | 0 comments

Event planners are fortunate when they can use their gifts and talents to serve one family for multiple events and even generations. I refer to those clients as “legacies.” Last week, I published Legacy Clients Part 1 that began the story of clients that have become gifts to me as an event planner. This post explains more.

The photographs in the gallery below were taken at another important event for the legacy clients: their baby shower. The theme for the bridal shower was personalized with colors and decor reflecting the bride-to-be’s love for Tiffany & Co. and Tea. The baby shower reflected her love for Teddy bears. Guests were greeted at the door by a Teddy bear and each table’s centerpiece was a Teddy bear with flowers and balloons, and the cake was also a Teddy bear.

In total, I have planned six events for this special clientele, including two birthday celebrations.

Legacy clients are important to event planners in a special way. While we perform a service that takes the pressure of presenting a seamless event off of their hands, we also become a trusted part of their family and organization. We have a unique ability to translate their vision into a reality, which means we have to get to know them and their tastes.

I cannot stress it enough. I am grateful for these clients and others who trust me with their events but most importantly their memories.