Summer Outdoor Tablescape Essentials

by | Jul 3, 2023 | blog, Blog, Events, Home Entertaining, Events, Featured, Lifestyle, Travel | 0 comments

Chances are, if you are like most of us, you’re going to be eating outdoors this summer. You’ll probably even host a few events like cookouts. Tablescaping can become a problem, especially if you’re the sort who becomes bored with the same old things. And condiments as centerpieces isn’t showy enough. Perhaps, this list of what we call tablescape essentials will help you switch it up as you entertain outdoors. But first…a couple of suggestions. 

  1. Think heavy yet expendable when choosing serveware and decorations. It only takes one clumsy move to totally destroy a tablescape, and in the event of rain or a gust of wind, it is best not to lose an object that is treasured. Plus, if you’re using a tablecloth, heavy serveware will hold it down and in place. 
  2. Think in advance of a hosted event. What should you think about? Themes, color schemes and type of dining (buffet, family style, casual, evening formal…) and visualize how you want your guests to feel during and after the event you host. Why? It will help you keep your decor and tablescape focused, and maybe even affordable. 

Here are some essentials to keep on-hand to create a lovely and functional tablescape:

  • Clear or lightly smoked glass small vases and candle votive holders.
  • A variety of water and cold drink pitchers, carafes for hot drinks and decanters for wines. 
  • Restaurant quality, white serveware and dishes to hold food. 
  • Charger plates and placemats that are both durable, easy to clean and fast fixes to make a table look festive. 
  • Multiple sets of salt & pepper shakers to keep at different parts of the table to spare guests the trouble of passing them around. 
  • Drinking glasses in various sizes BUT in the same color family. 
  • A great florist who can advise you on how to add flowers and other flora to your table without obstructing your guests’ view of one another and get in the way of conversation. 

Keep those seven tips in mind, and we can almost bet you’ll reduce the stress of setting your table at the next summer outdoor event.